Jeffrey Howard
As a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow, Jeff Howard teaches first-year composition in the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech. His classes explore the intersections between food studies and multimodal communication. His students develop their written, oral, and visual communication skills by creating food blogs, menus, and digital exhibits on food-related topics, including social media, the ethics of eating, agriculture, sustainability, ethics, GMOs, obesity, competitive eating, and digital culture. Jeff received his PhD from Idaho State University in English and the Teaching of English in 2017, along with a graduate certificate in TESOL. His dissertation focused on female tricksterism in the early eighteenth-century British novel. He is the chair of the World Englishes Committee in the Writing and Communication Program, the editor and webmaster of World Englishes: Linguistic Variety, Global Society, and assistant co-director of the Naugle CommLab at Georgia Tech.

Supporting English Language Learning Students at Georgia Tech

This article is a collaboration, edited by Jeff Howard, featuring Dongho Cha, Hyerhung Hwang, Alok Amatya, and Ben Bergholtz. For more information on World Englishes at Georgia Tech, visit the World Englishes Committee website, World Englishes: Linguistic Variety, Global Society. Howard’s introductory Prezi on World Englishes is a meaningful resource… Continue reading