Kelly Ann Fitzpatrick
KellyAnn Fitzpatrick pursues research and teaching interests in medieval studies and medievalism (the ways that post-medieval societies reimagine or appropriate the Middle Ages). Through its analysis of the labor processes involved in the production of online games and electronic texts, KellyAnn's work with medievalism overlaps with her interest and experience in both technical communication and software development. She has presented at various academic and technical conferences, and continues to seek out ways to integrate the best of both worlds into her work and her teaching.

Debugging the Gender Gap: Questioning Stereotypes in the Tech Comm Classroom

On Tuesday, March 14, Georgia Tech hosted a screening of the documentary CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. The 2015 film, which played at various film festivals and tech events such as the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, examines the lack of gender diversity in the American software… Continue reading