Research News from the CommLab


At Georgia Tech, the Communication Center (or CommLab, as it is popularly known) is part of the Writing and Communication Program. The program’s commitment to the principles of WOVEN communication (i.e. Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Non-verbal) has inspired instructors to design courses that develop and refine rhetorical skills in multiple media formats including traditional essays, visual and web-based projects, and oral presentations. As a result, the professional and peer tutors at the Center find themselves working … Continue reading

The “Curse of Knowledge”: Adapting the Principles of Stony Brook University’s Center for Communicating Science to Georgia Tech

Alan Alda with short, brown haired girl.

At Stony Brook University, where I spent my Fall Break, I learned all about the Curse of Knowledge … from Alan Alda.  A few feet away from me, Alda gave the keynote speech at the Center for Communicating Science’s Fall Institute, explaining passionately that once we know something really well, we forget what it’s like not to know it.  And once that happens, we have a lot of trouble communicating our knowledge effectively to others. … Continue reading

The Communication Center – The first semester

Almost 600 students from 32 different majors had walked through the doors of and used the services of the new Communication Center, by the end of the Fall 2011 semester. To put it mildly, it has been a hectic, but heady, semester at the CommLab! For the five Brittain Fellows who are professional tutors at the Center, (Brandy Blake, Leeann Hunter, Aron Pease, Christopher Weedman, and myself), for the two Brittain Fellows who are Assistant Directors at the … Continue reading

New CommLab is Creative Space for Practicing Communication

The Communication Center will regularly feature Celebrity Tutors. President Person was the first at the Grand Opening of the Communication Center on September 28. From L to R: Karen Head, Director of the Communication Center; Rohith Rajan (Class of 2015, Major: Electrical Engineering, Minors: Economics, Music Technology); Chelsea Cerame (Class of 2015, Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Japanese); President G.P. "Bud" Peterson; and  Joshua Friedberg (Class of 2015, Major: ISYE). (Used with permission: R.E. Burnett 2011)

From teleconferencing to YouTube videos, project posters to green-screen presentations, slide design to report writing, the new Communication Center is designed to help Georgia Tech students develop professional competence in 21st century communication. The center has been designed as a leading-edge model for communication education. It uses conventional technology in unconventional ways.

“This is a creative space,” explains Karen Head, who is Director of the Communication Center. “Yes, we are coaching students in processes and strategies and techniques, but we are also providing the space and equipment needed to practice.” Continue reading

Comm Lab Opens!

Communication Center: Our Space We designed Georgia Tech’s Communication Center to be a leading-edge model for communication education. From its design in the Communication Center Task Force Report in 2007, the Communication Center has presented a strong vision: It not only includes CommLab (with multiple kinds of tutoring and practice spaces for writing and design), but it also includes four Rehearsal Studios (with multiple spaces for coaching presentations and small group interactions as well as … Continue reading