Hello! (Better Late than Never!)

Another new Britt!   I’m excited to be here at Georgia Tech this fall, and looking forward to working with the group of students I have this semester.  As promised, they are a great bunch (although we’re still in the honeymoon phase pre-grading!)  Prior to arriving here I taught writing and literature at Colorado State University and women’s studies and literature at Bowling Green State University.  The student demographic at Tech is both similar to … Continue reading

Digitizing Research Interests for the Classroom and the Job Market (D-Ped Seminar Topic for 9/14/11)

DIGITIZING RESEARCH INTERESTS FOR THE CLASSROOM AND THE JOB MARKET Katy Hanggi, Jennifer Holley, Kate Tanski, and Chris Weedman   Evaluation and Academic Tension Between Traditional and Digital Scholarship (Katy Hanggi) “Digital Humanities” is a term I have heard frequently, but I have not given it much consideration. My familiarity with it was limited to teaching resources, such as the Postcolonial Studies Website and multimedia peer-reviewed articles at sites such as Southern Spaces. Yet, my … Continue reading

Future Media Fest: Digital Media Skills for Citizens? Workers?

The Digital Media Skills panel underlined the importance of communication skills for all students looking to get jobs in media and technology. Eric Berger argued in his introduction that, in the future, communication will be the skill employers will look for when hiring. Most of the panel agreed. Rebecca Burnett added that “just as important as what you say is how you say it, who you say it to, why you say it, and the … Continue reading

Welcome to TECHStyle

Welcome to TECHStyle! This site is designed to serve three basic functions. First, it houses the official Brittain Fellow Handbook. You can find the Handbook under “Handbook” on the Navigation bar. Second, it hosts a blog network that may be used by any Brittain Fellow interested in maintaining a weblog of their teaching and research activities. The blog network can also be used to advertise events, host videos and podcasts of conferences and symposia, and … Continue reading