About TECHStyle

Welcome to TECHStyle, an online forum for digital pedagogy and research by the Brittain Fellows at Georgia Tech.

Who are we?
The Marion L. Brittain Post-Doctoral Fellows teach first-year composition and technical communication in the Writing and Communication Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. In the classroom, Brittain Fellows use innovative digital pedagogy to teach multimodal communication strategies. In their own research, the Brittain Fellows work in diverse fields, from traditional literary studies to digital game studies to scientific discourse. TECHStyle publishes contributions from Brittain Fellows past and present, as well as guest bloggers from all areas of academe.

What is TECHStyle?
TECHStyle is the online journal of the Brittain Fellowship. Here you will find posts from Brittain Fellows on topics related to teaching, research, technology, and life in academia. Posts range from scholarly articles in development to brief reflections on fresh teaching strategies. TECHStyle is also a venue for debate on questions related to pedagogy and scholarship, as well as a message board for news, announcements, committee reports, and calls for participation. TECHStyle gives voice to a vibrant community of innovative scholars and teachers and opens up that conversation to the world.

Who edits TECHStyle?
The 2021-2022 lead editors of TECHStyle are Jeff Howard (Brittain Fellow 2018-present) and Shane Snyder (Brittain Fellow 2020-present). Inquiries or proposals for content on the site can be directed to them at jeffrey.howard@lmc.gatech.edu or shane.snyder@lmc.gatech.edu.

The TECHStyle committee designs this site, moderates comments, and develops content. Committee members for 2021-2022 include: Julia Tigner (Brittain Fellow 2019-present), Danielle Gilman (Brittain Fellow 2020-present), and Suchismita Dutta (Brittain Fellow 2021-present).

Past Editors of TECHStyle

2020-21: Kent Linthicum (Lead Editor), Alok Amatya, Bianca Batti, Mimi Ensley, Jeff Howard, Katie Schaag, Shane Snyder, and Julia Tigner

2019-20: Nick Sturm (Lead Editor), Bianca Batti, Aaron Colton, Kent Linthicum, and Katie Schaag

2018-19: Nick Sturm (Lead Editor), Aaron Colton, and Kent Linthicum

2017-18: Andrew Marzoni & Anna Ioanes (Co-Lead Editors), Jennifer Forsthoefel, Joshua King, Matthew Dischinger, Sarah Lozier, Jeffrey Fallis, and Tina Colvin.

2016-17: Andrew Marzoni & Anna Ioanes (Co-Lead Editors)

2015-16: Eric Rettberg (Lead Editor)

2014-15: Rebecca Weaver (Lead Editor)

2013-14: Christine Hoffmann (Lead Editor)

2012-13: Diane Jakacki (Lead Editor)

2011-12: Diane Jakacki (Lead Editor)

Creators of TECHStyle

2010-2011 Social Media CommitteeRoger Whitson, Committee Chair and TECHStyle Administrator. Kathryn Crowther, Managing Editor. Andrew Famiglietti, Technical Administrator. Nirmal Trivedi, Technical Administrator. Diane Jakacki, Production Editor. Robin Wharton, Production Editor. Jesse Stommel, Production Editor. Julia Turner, Marketing Director. Andrew Cooper, Assistant Director. Rebecca Burnett, Director.

Also contributed to the creation of TECHStyle: M. King Adkins. Scott Balcerzak. Olin Bjork. Sherri Brown. Kathryn Crowther. Shannon Dobranski. Jason Embry. Kathryn Farley. Steven J. Hagaman. Jo Anne Harris. Karen Head. Levi Kafka. Danielle Lawson. Cari Lovins. Erin McClendis. Melissa Meeks. Matt Paproth. Manuel Perez Tejada. Paulette Richards. Carol Senf. Tiffany Tsao. Daniel Vollaro. Jennifer Wheelock. Andrea Wood.

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