4.33@Tech, Episode 2: “#justanotherday”

The second episode of 4.33@Tech is “justanotherday.” It features the interview Lauren Neefe and student producer Prachi Sahoo did with Radiolab‘s Jad Abumrad before his talk at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center for the Arts in October 2015. They talk about telling stories with sound, how Jad imagines his radio audience, a Big Bang moment in classical music, and what podcasting did for radio. Brittain Fellow producers Ellen Stockstill, Andrew Marzoni, and Melissa Sexton keep the facts straight along the way. Show creator Alison Valk and student producer Becca Ambrecht voice the story of Georgia Tech band member Thomas Mauger. And student producer Shan Bawany crowd-sources the meaning of 4.33 in the CULC.

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