TECHStyle 2016-2017: All The Things

Welcome to a new academic year! As the new co-editors of TECHStyle, Andrew Marzoni and I are excited to work with the TECHStyle committee to continue providing a forum for smart takes on multimodal pedagogy and the digital humanities. Last year, TECHStyle editor Eric Rettberg spearheaded a site redesign that made the site beautiful and user-friendly. The Podcast committee produced two series of excellent podcasts, Flash Readings and 4.33@Tech, both of which appear on the site. Building on these developments, we hope to bring readers more content that focuses on everything from innovative assignment design to Brittain Fellows’ research projects to broader debates in higher education.

In addition to hosting essays about innovative teaching methods, intersections of research and pedagogy, Brittain Fellowship news, and podcasts, we hope to expand the range of conversations which appear on TECHStyle, and our audience as well. New packages our readers can expect to see this fall include at least one new podcast, as well as updates on research and pedagogy from Brittain Fellows partnering with the Arts@Tech Embedded Artists’ program and Poetry@Tech‘s reading series. We’d love to hear from those of you working with Serve-Learn-Sustain, and those of you teaching linked courses. In the aim of widening our audience and providing a more consistent stream of content at TECHStyle, we invite you to pitch ideas for stories, interviews, op-eds, videos, and other kinds of content that you would like to see on this site. Do you feel impassioned to opine about a recent piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education? TECHStyle could be a venue for that. Is there something in the news that relates to your research? Tell us about it. Do you have an article coming out in a journal, a book soon to be released, a conference you organized? We’d love to interview you about it.

Ultimately, our goal is not only to get Brittain Fellows to write for TECHStyle, but to make it a site you visit regularly, featuring fresh content on a weekly, if not daily basis. We’re excited to hear what you have to say, and look forward to spending the 2016-2017 academic year with you!

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Anna Ioanes

About Anna Ioanes

Anna Ioanes is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of St. Francis, where she teaches courses in American literature, writing, and critical theory. Her scholarship appears or is forthcoming in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, the minnesota review, Journal of Modern Literature, and Los Angeles Review of Books. She is co-editor of Violent Feelings, a special issue of LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory, and a contributing editor at ASAP/J.
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