A Time of Transition

The temperature is hovering around 95 and we are hurrying to put the finishing touches on our course syllabi. Yes, it’s that time again: a new school year at Georgia Tech. And with it comes a new cohort of Brittain Fellows. They may not yet realize it, but they are about to learn all the lessons we learned – where can you get decent coffee on campus, what happens when your podium locks and you can’t access your Prezi for class, what can you REALLY assign during the period formerly known as Dead Week – oh, and to always keep a spare umbrella in your office, just in case a monsoon rolls through. And so, we’d like to give the warmest welcome (and are happy to offer our insights regarding the above profound questions) to our new colleagues: Rachel Dean-Ruzicka, Michelle DiMeo, Kathleen Hanggi, John Harkey, Christine Hoffman, Jennifer Holley, Aaron Kashtan, Sipai Klein, Amanda Madden, Julia Munro, Jennifer Orth-Veillon, Aron Pease, Sarah Schiff, Britta Spann, Katherine Tanski, Michael Tondre, and Christopher Weedman. As these new Britts get their feet wet in our social media, hopefully more will post their reflections and experiences to TECHStyle.

We would not be able to welcome our new colleagues if other Britts who came before them did not move on to other life experiences. And so we take this opportunity to wish fair winds and following seas to King Adkins, Andy Famiglietti, Jo Anne Harris, Jared Johnson, Crystal Lake, Rob LeBlanc, Melissa Meeks, Irene Middleton, Jen Parrott, Pete Rorabugh, Rebekah Sheldon, Candice Wellhausen, and Roger Whitson. We are grateful for the time we got to spend together as fellows and friends, and hope that you will post to TECHStyle when the mood strikes you.

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Diane Jakacki

About Diane Jakacki

Diane Jakacki received her PhD from the University of Waterloo, where she specialized in early modern printed drama, and participated in federally-funded digital humanities research projects. She has published two articles on applying social semiotic methods to early modern theatre history, an edition of Wit and Science, and co-authored an essay on developing digital image annotation tools. She is a software consultant to imageMAT and the Records of Early English Drama. At Georgia Tech she applies digital humanities methods to pedagogical solutions. Jakacki is currently developing researching the Elizabethan clown Richard Tarlton and his touring relationship with the Queen’s Men troupe.
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