Brittain Fellows–Bremm, Curtright, Schiff–to Present at SAMLA

South Atlantic Modern Language Association conference

Brittain Fellows Doris Bremm (second-year), Lauren Curtright (second-year), and Sarah Eden Schiff (first-year) will present at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association conference in Atlanta this weekend, November 4-6. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Power of Poetry in the Modern World.” Former Brittain Fellow and Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Shannon Dobranski will also be presenting. For more information go to:

Panel and Paper Titles

Doris Bremm

32. Verse, Voice, and Vision: The Use of Poetry in Cinema

Special Session

Doris Bremm, Georgia Institute of Technology – Avant-Garde Film meets the Urban Pastoral: Frank O’Hara and Alfred Leslie’s Ride around Manhattan.

Lauren Curtright and Shannon Dobranski

13. Beyond Page to Screen: New Directions in Adaptation Studies: Adaptation Theory Revisited

Film Studies Association, Session III

Lauren Curtright,  Georgia Institute of Technology – Capturing the Instant: Literary Adaptations to Cinematic Time.

Shannon Dobranski, Georgia Institute of Technology – “True” Grit? Embodying the Western Mythos in Remake and Readaptation.

Lauren Curtright

228. (Re)Constructing Southern Spaces

Society for the Study of Southern Literature, Session I-B

Seeing Spaces in Southern Literature and Film Cluster Session

Lauren Curtright, Georgia Institute of Technology – The Outré Spaces of William Abbott Pratt.

Sarah Schiff

14. Can Christianity Be Post Secular? Professions of Faith and Doubt in Contemporary American Literature

Southeast Conference on Christianity and Literature (SCCL)

Chair: Pete Rorabaugh, Georgia State University

Sarah Eden Schiff, Georgia Institute of Technology – Amiri Baraka, the Nation of Islam, and the Story of American Origins.

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Robin Wharton

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Robin Wharton is Assistant Director of Writing and Communication. She holds a law degree (1999) and a PhD (2009), both from the University of Georgia. Her current project involves exploring the influence of common law poetics in Middle English writing. Since 2005, she has been a collaborator on the project, and she is interested in how multimodal writing and communication instruction can be improved through the strategic application of digital technology. A former ballet dancer, she has also begun to consider how pedagogical methods drawn from the performing arts might be adapted for productive use in the higher-education classroom. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Wharton clerked for the Hon. Curtis L. Collier in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and then spent a number of years as an associate in the intellectual property group of a prominent Atlanta law firm. She continues to write about law and ethics, especially as they relate to digital humanities work, and to consult in legal matters involving new and traditional media. Profile photo by R.E. Burnett, 2011.
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