Assessment Committee

Mission: The Writing and Communication Program’s Assessment Committee deals with both classroom assessment and programmatic assessment. The committee advises the Director of Writing and Communication in her work on the GenEd Assessment Committee, provides oversight for both programmatic and classroom assessment, serves as a resource about assessment for the Program, and offers a vision for forward thinking about assessment.

Membership: The chair of the Assessment Committee is invited to serve by the Director in consultation with the Assistant Director of Writing and Communication. Members on the Assessment Committee are invited by the chair of the committee, in consultation with the Director and Assistant Director of Writing and Communication.

2011-2012 Committee
Chair: Jesse Stommel
Committee Members: Lauren Curtright, Katy Hanggi, Leeann Hunter, Regina Martin, Aron Pease, Britta Spann, Nirmal Trivedi, Robin Wharton.

  1. Assemble a database of resources on assessment, an annotated (and hyperlinked) bibliography.
  2. Develop and deliver a workshop on assessment in Spring 2012.
  3. Advise program on rubric, portfolio, and programmatic assessment.
  4. Foster a program-wide conversation about assessment and pedagogical theories/practices related to assessment.
  5. Build a community of support and collaboration around issues of grading and assessment
    to decrease anxiety about grading and increase consistency across the department.

Prior Committee History
Chair: Rebecca E. Burnett
Committee Members: Andrew Cooper, Michelle Gibbons, Jon Gordon, Kellie Meyer, Stephen Rehberg, Pete Rorabaugh, Candice Welhausen

Chair: Melissa Graham Meeks
Committee Members: Rebecca Burnett, Andrew Cooper, Jon Gordon, Stephen Rehberg, Candice Welhausen

2009-11 Accomplishments:

  1. Refined the English 1101 and English 1102 rubric.
  2. Worked with the Technical Communication Committee to refine the LCC 3403 rubric.
  3. Worked with the World English Committee to offer assessment suggestions to faculty who have non-native speakers in their classes.
  4. Refined portfolio assessment policies and practices, including work with T-Square to work toward seamless submission and review.

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