Peer Observation

Mission:  The Peer Observation Committee’s mission is to establish a program through which Brittain Fellows can observe and be observed by their teaching colleagues. We encourage participation in this program to foster meaningful conversations about pedagogy between peers. We develop materials to facilitate these conversations, including Observation Forms and lists of Best Practices, and we seek ways to expand this program to include tenure-line faculty, other campus departments, and programs at other colleges and universities.

Membership: The chair of the Peer Observation Committee is invited to serve by the Director in consultation with the Assistant Director of Writing and Communication. Members on the Peer Observation Committee are invited by the chair of the committee, in consultation with the Director and Assistant Director of Writing and Communication.

2011-2012 Committee

Chair:     Michelle Miles

Committee Members: Rebecca Burnett, Rachel Dean-Ruzika, Sipai Klein, Melanie Kohnen, Nirmal Trivedi, Christopher Weedman, Robin Wharton.

Goals:      (1) Promote and facilitate pedagogical exchange between Brittain Fellows: review previous records of peer observation; evaluate and develop upon successful models of classroom observation and peer exchange. (2) Establish guidelines for 2011-2012 peer observation (e.g., first year Brittain Fellows to observe second or third year Brittain Fellows during the fall semester; second and third year Brittain Fellows to observe first year Fellows in the spring semester). (3) Design a system of classroom video recording both to feature innovative pedagogical styles and to supplement the job portfolios of interested Brittain Fellows.
(4) Brainstorm means to foster peer exchange between Brittain fellows and the larger LCC faculty.

Prior Committee History


Chair:       King Adkins

Committee Members: Bob Blaskiewicz, Rebecca Burnett, Jennifer Parrott, Melanie Kohnen, Pete Rorabaugh

Accomplishments: The Peer Observation Committee was a new committee in 2010-11, and as such the initial mission involved getting the program up and running smoothly. To this end the committee developed the templates for observations, put a process in place for conducting these observations, and recruited participants. In addition, the committee created investment in the program from both Brittain Fellows and tenure-line LCC faculty.

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