World Englishes

Mission:   The changing roles and functions of English around the world have altered both the scope for linguistic research and the strategies for English language pedagogy in writing and communication. This responds to the cultural diversities of nations and ethnicities where English may not necessarily be the mother tongue, but has become a common language for communication between different cultural groups. In response to this growing trend and the varieties of Englishes spoken, the World Englishes (WE@tech) sub-committee proposes to develop appropriate writing and communication resources for students at Georgia Tech.

Membership: The chair of the committee is invited to serve by the Director in consultation with the Assistant Director of Writing and Communication. Members on the World Englished Committee are invited by the chair of the committee, in consultation with the Director and Assistant Director of Writing and Communication.

2011-2012 Committee

2011-12 Chair: Malavika Shetty

2011-12 Committee Members: Rebecca Burnett, Katy Crowther, Lauren Curtwright, Beatriz Hegidio, Sipai Klein, Michelle Miles, Jennifer Orth-Veillon, Paulette Richards, Nirmal Trivedi, Karen Tucker.

Goals:       (1) Collaborate with the Language Institute to design and conduct workshops. (2) Collaborate with the eBook Committee to update and extend the WOVENText resoources for non-native speakers.
(3) Contribute at least four articles (two each semester) to TECHStyle about issues related to teaching non-native students. (4) Collaborate with the Communication Center and the Language Institute to identify and create campus resources to aid non-native speakers.

Prior Committee History

2008-11    Chair: Jo Anne Harris

2011-12 Committee Members: Rebecca Burnett, Andrew Cooper , Katy Crowther, Lauren Curtwright, Beatriz, Michelle Miles, Paulette Richards, Malavika Shetty, Nirmal Trivedi, Karen Tucker

Accomplishments: Established and maintained the relationship between the Writing and Communication Program and the Georgia Tech Language Institute. Planned and implemented a series of language/ESL training workshops aimed at LCC faculty and Brittain Fellows teaching multilingual and nonnative speaker of English. Designed a survey that was distributed by the World Englishes Committee and the Writing and Communication Program. Worked closely with the EBook Committee to develop an ESL track for the custom EBook.


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