DCW: Whitson Talks Open Access Textbooks

In this issue of Digital Culture Week, entitled “Maps, Open Access Textbooks & Less Than a Million Books,” ex-Brittain Fellow Roger Whitson (2009-2011) explains “Why Open Access Textbooks Matter.” Also, Miriam Posner reviews her experience at UCLA’s Institute for Digital Cultural Mapping, and Edward Whitley reflects on how we should consider datasets both large and small, and recognize that one doesn’t necessarily need a computer (or a grant) to work with data.

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Diane Jakacki

About Diane Jakacki

Diane Jakacki received her PhD from the University of Waterloo, where she specialized in early modern printed drama, and participated in federally-funded digital humanities research projects. She has published two articles on applying social semiotic methods to early modern theatre history, an edition of Wit and Science, and co-authored an essay on developing digital image annotation tools. She is a software consultant to imageMAT and the Records of Early English Drama. At Georgia Tech she applies digital humanities methods to pedagogical solutions. Jakacki is currently developing researching the Elizabethan clown Richard Tarlton and his touring relationship with the Queen’s Men troupe.
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