Handbook: W&C Program Courses

As the “Guide to Georgia Tech’s Introductory Communication Courses” (which appears in our e-book) explains, all of our Writing and Communication courses embrace two critical concepts that are introduced earlier in this Handbook:

* Communication is rhetorical
* Communication is multimodal – that is, WOVEN (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal).

As you design your courses, consider ways to convey these critical concepts – as well as their far-reaching implications – to your students.

# [[English 1101 and 1102: Composition I and II]]
# [[LCC 3403: Technical Communication]]
# [[Synergy in Teaching Multimodality]]
# [[Course Design]]
# [[ADAPTS and Universal Design]]
# [[Working with ESL/EFL Students]]
# [[Service Learning]]
# [[Guidelines for Creating Syllabi and Assignments]]
# [[First Day of Class: What to Expect]]
# [[Special Sections of English 1101 and 1102 and of LCC 3403]]

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