How to contribute to Further Reading

The Further Reading column in TECHStyle is designed for easier dissemination of articles and posts among Brittain Fellows and TECHStyle readers. There are two ways in which you can :

  1. Create a new blog post in TECHStyle, write a brief description of the article, copy and paste the article’s URL into your article.
  2. Easier still, you can streamline this process by installing the “Press This” bookmarklet on your bookmark bar. You will see a “Tools” section in the dashboard to the left of your TECHStyle WordPress interface. Click on “Available Tools” and you will see the Press This bookmarklet with instructions on how to drag and drop the bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar (note: this may not work on a GT networked computer). Once the bookmarklet is installed, any time you are scanning the web and see something you’d like to share via TECHStyle, just click on the Press This bookmarklet and it will open a pop-up edit window that automatically populates the URL and article title. Just add introductory copy and click “Publish”.

In either case, be sure to check the Further Reading Category (and only the Further Reading Category). The list of Categories can be found to the right of the edit box.

As always, if you have questions or need assistance, please contact Diane or Christine.

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