Tech Comm Seminar 11/26: Service Learning

James Gregory and Christina Van Houten will lead discussion on service learning and technical communication; in this seminar, we’ll also open up our discussion to issues of case studies, portfolios, and pseudotransactionality.

Required Reading includes:

  • Chris Ritter’s TechSTYLE post:
  • Ann M. Blakeslee, “Bridging the Workplace and the Academy: Teaching Professional Genres through Classroom-Workplace Collaborations” in Teaching Technical Communication, 348-71.
  • David Alan Sapp and Robin Crabtree, “A Laboratory in Citizenship: Service Learning in the Technical Communication Classroom” in Technical Communication Quarterly (2002).
Suggested Reading includes:
  • Clay Spinuzzi, “Pseudotransactionality, Active Theory, and Professional Writing Insstruction” in Teaching Technical Communication, 337-47.
  • Catherine Matthews and Beverly Zimmerman, “Integrating Service Learning and Technical Communication: Benefits and Challenges” in Technical Communication Quarterly (1999).

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About Christina Van Houten

received her PhD from the University of Florida. Her teaching and research interests focus on American literature, history, and culture in the twentieth century. Her current research project examines the theory and intellectual history of “critical regionalism,” which traces the development of the term from its use in feminist theory and practice from late modernism (literature, regional planning, architectural theory) to the contemporary moment (environmentalism, food security, activist movements, and political theory). Her other interests include women’s labor culture and regional modernism. She has work forthcoming in Politics and Culture and The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism.
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