The Archaeology of Digital Media: Excavating Definitions

(Seminar by Amanda Madden, Julia Munro, and Michael Tondre). 1. One of the promises of teaching with digital technology involves its power to evoke the historical conditions of the past through the tools and techniques of the present. To be sure, web-based learning can be a vital means of exploring the formal and stylistic characteristics of novels, plays, poems, and other discursive artifacts. But the web can also help students to grasp the historical relations … Continue reading

Texts That Challenge Convention

Texts That Challenge Convention Sipai Klein, Amanda Madden, Jennifer Orth-Veillon, Britta Spann At Georgia Tech, Brittain Fellows are expected to live and teach by the latest technological advances. This would seem to suggest not only teaching what we call “non-conventional texts” such as games, websites, film, and social media, but also asking our students to create them. However, this poses the question: are we creating an artificial dichotomy between the conventional and the non-conventional? In … Continue reading