Alison Valk
Alison Valk is the Multimedia Instruction Librarian for the Georgia Tech Library. She has worked in a variety of capacities at Georgia Tech since 1998. Valk received her Master’s in Library & Information Science from Florida State University and a BBA from Georgia State University in Computer Information Systems. She also has a background in fine arts from the University of Georgia where her area of focus was Drawing & Painting. She coordinates all the course- integrated multimedia software workshops offered through the Georgia Tech library and has been researching the benefits of embedded librarians in college-level courses. She was recently published by the Association of College and Research Libraries spotlighting her efforts in this area.

Using Multimedia and Film as a Motivational Medium for Students

As a multimedia instructional librarian, I am continually amazed at how much more engaged and excited students become when they have to challenge themselves and break away from using what they consider to be the traditional modes of communication in an academic environment. For example, this can occur through having to create a website, a visually stunning poster, designing a three- dimensional model, or masterminding a feature film.

So often, the necessary emphasis placed on the message content may cause us to forget the importance of choosing the best method for delivering that content. The way information is transmitted has the potential to either obscure or enhance the message content.
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