Darcy Mullen
Darcy Mullen is a Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at The Georgia Institute of Technology where she regularly collaborates with the Georgia Tech Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain and Poetry@Tech. Both of these organizations' generous funding made the work described in this article possible. She earned her PhD at the University at Albany with an interdisciplinary focus on the Rhetoric of Food and Social Movements. Mullen writes for the Bloomsbury Food Library, and Pedagogy & American Literary Studies. Her current book project, The Food and Drink of Atlanta, is forthcoming with Rowman and Littlefield’s “Big Food Cities Biography” series. For more on her thoughts on poetics, food, and dirt, visit www.storiesofsoil.com.

Teaching in All Seasons: Poetics, Ideal Tendencies, and Food Literacy

SUMMER   “Once I remember looking into the freezer can the next morning and finding the leftover ice cream had all returned to milk. It was like the disappearance of Cinderella’s new clothes.” (Lewis 53) Midway through my Spring composition course, “Food Literacy of Atlanta,” my students and I had… Continue reading