I’m a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech, teaching courses in American Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, Literary Nonfiction, and Thesis Writing. My interests are in American culture during the “long” 19th century, U.S. Empire Studies, visual culture, postcolonial studies, and digital pedagogy. Currently, I’m finishing up work on a book on the figure of the war correspondent in American culture.

Looking Forward

As we prepare for the new semester, we asked two Brittain Fellows to reflect on their teaching experiences during the last semester. Regina Martin Teaching Modernism at Tech Modernism lends itself really well to teaching multimodal communication at Tech because much of modernist art is heavily influenced by technological advancements… Continue reading

Wikileaks: A Teachable Moment?

A persistent challenge I face when teaching my course “Media, Culture, Society” is talking to students about “bias”. Students are routinely taught that bias is fundamentally a bad thing; it’s associated with illicit behavior, with secret motivations, hidden agendas, an invidious ideology. Its typical counterpoint–and one that is imbued with… Continue reading