D-Ped 11/14: Service Learning

In this week’s digital pedagogy seminar, we will focus on service learning and civic engagement. Please come prepared to think creatively about the topics and to apply the information from the two brief readings below to the courses we teach here at Georgia Tech.

1. Marcy Schwartz, “Public Stakes, Public Stories: Service Learning in Literary Studies.”  PMLA 127.4 (October 2012): 987-993.

2. Bruce Herzberg, “Community Service and Critical Teaching” in Writing and Community Education.  Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010: 138-148.


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About Christina Van Houten

received her PhD from the University of Florida. Her teaching and research interests focus on American literature, history, and culture in the twentieth century. Her current research project examines the theory and intellectual history of “critical regionalism,” which traces the development of the term from its use in feminist theory and practice from late modernism (literature, regional planning, architectural theory) to the contemporary moment (environmentalism, food security, activist movements, and political theory). Her other interests include women’s labor culture and regional modernism. She has work forthcoming in Politics and Culture and The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism.
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