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LCC 3403: Technical Communication

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Some Brittain Fellows who join the program to teach English 1101 and 1102 decide to try out LCC 3403 in their second or third year. They usually find the course to be far more stimulating than expected – some even find they prefer it!

LCC 3403 builds on the competencies developed in English 1101 and 1102, often with a special emphasis on communicating in scientific, business, and technological disciplines. Students learn to create workplace genres—from traditional print documents such as reports, proposals, and memos, to electronic forms such as emails and websites. Students also learn how to assess the rhetorical situations underlying each of these genres as they discuss some of the theories and research that define technical communication as a discipline.

Many instructors enrich the course with their nonacademic work experience from the corporate and nonprofit worlds as writers, editors, and communication specialists, but whatever their work experience, technical communication instructors should challenge students to think about communication outside the bounds of the classroom. Some instructors build courses around final projects that require work with industry clients. Some require students to create and run mock companies. Others help students build online portfolios. Still others invite guest speakers from the corporate world. All instructors of LCC 3403 teach the basic forms of workplace communication, document design, and professional etiquette necessary for students to succeed as professionals in their chosen fields. As with other writing and communication program courses, instructors of LCC 3403 should design courses that reflect their own interests while meeting Writing and Communication Program expectations and guidelines related to textbooks, outcomes, and other programmatic concerns.

Textbooks for LCC 3403

First-time instructors of LCC 3403 should use the most recent edition of Paul Anderson’s Technical Communication, A Reader-Centered Approach and supplement it with readings that match their sections’ specific focuses. After two semesters of teaching LCC 3403, instructors may choose a different primary text. Please get Andy Frazee’s approval to use another text and provide a rationale for the change. Instructors teaching LCC 3403 to College of Management students should use the most recent edition of Kitty Locker and Donna Kienzler’s Business and Administrative Communication.

Supplemental Readings for LCC 3403

We maintain an annotated bibliography of suggested readings instructors can use to supplement the textbook. Copies of these articles are available on the Brittain Fellowship T-Square site under Resources > Teaching Resources > LCC 3403 Readings Collection.

Outcomes for LCC 3403

Unlike English 1101 and 1102, LCC 3403 does not follow mandates from the University System of Georgia, but Georgia Tech’s Writing and Communication Program does expect specific outcomes related to rhetoric, process, and modes and media. It also adds an outcomes category, “Design.” Instructors must convey course outcomes on syllabi. The table below includes the required language.


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