D-Ped 8/29: Multimodal Theory

Multimodal Discourse, Gunther Kress and Theo Van Leeuwen

In addition to finalizing the schedule for the rest of the semester, this Wednesday’s D-Ped seminar will be the first of two seminars that focus on multimodal theory. See the lists below for required and supplementary readings.

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The next two seminars are also a great chance for second- and third-year Britts to learn more about the theories that support what we do — please join us!



  • Anderson et al. 2006—Integrating Multimodality into Composition Curricula
  • Doloughan, 2002 — The Language of Reflective Practice in Art and Design
  • Jewitt et al., 2001 — Exploring Learning through Visual, Actional, and Linguistic Communication
  • Jones, 2009— Technology and Sites of Display
  • Prior 2005 — Moving multimodality beyond the binaries: A response to Gunther Kress’  “Gains and Losses”
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Christine Hoffmann

About Christine Hoffmann

Christine Hoffmann (PhD University of Arkansas, MFA Art Institute of Chicago) studies the shifting standards for credibility and utility that develop inside post-Gutenberg and post-digital rhetorical environments. Her scholarly work has been published in College Literature, the CEA Critic, PLL, the CEA Forum and, somewhat randomly, Slayage: the Online Journal of Buffy Studies. A few short stories can be found in Make magazine, Eclectica and Loose Change. She also blogs regularly on TECHStyle, the forum for digital pedagogy and research by the Georgia Tech Brittain Fellows. Christine looks forward to connecting the teaching of multimodal composition to her research into rhetorics of struggle, cultures of collecting, and the advantages of copious expression.
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