Jakacki published in Medieval Drama Anthology

A new edition of “The Play of Wit and Science” by Diane Jakacki, third year Brittain Fellow, has just been published in The Broadview Anthology of Medieval Drama. “Wit and Science,” is an Henrician interlude written by John Redford (1500-1547), composer and choirmaster at St. Paul’s choir school. The interlude… Continue reading

Want to know more about Wes Anderson and whiteness?

Second-year Brittain Fellow Rachel Dean-Ruzicka recently published an article, “Themes of Privilege and Whiteness in the Films of Wes Anderson,” in The Quarterly Review of Film and Video 30.1 (2013): 25-40.  The article discusses Anderson’s first five films: BOTTLE ROCKET (1996), RUSHMORE (1998), THE ROYAL TENENBUAMS (2001), LIFE AQUATIC WITH… Continue reading