Iuliu Ratiu
Iuliu Ratiu started his teaching career at Kent State University where he earned a master’s degree in English and Writing and taught writing and composition classes. While pursuing his doctorate in American Studies at SUNY Albany, Iuliu served as a mentor in the Writing Center and continued teaching a variety of lower and upper division composition, writing, and literature classes. His research agenda covers the period leading to the Civil War and allows him to engage with critical social, cultural, and political issues such as slavery and domesticity, the role of print culture in the development of the nation, and incipient manifestations of environmental awareness. This semester, Iuliu hopes to teach his students how to pack and unpack the nuts and bolts of communication by reading closely Georgia Tech’s e-book "WOVENText" and how to apply those findings to a close analysis of Colin Beavan’s family multimodal project "No Impact Man," which is, in turn, a living experiment, a blog, a book, a documentary film, and a publicity stunt.

The V in WOVEN: Student Posters and the Rhetoric of Waste

 In this post, I’d like to write about student posters and start/continue a conversation about the importance of the V in WOVEN. The Rhetoric of Waste and Sustainability: Teaching writing at Georgia Tech, an institution that prides itself with training problem-solvers, I invite my students to use multimodal communication as… Continue reading