Jennifer Rose Forsthoefel
Jennifer Forsthoefel holds a PhD in English Rhetoric and Composition from the Georgia State University (2015). Her dissertation examines intersections in the disciplinary histories of Women’s Studies, Composition Studies, and Writing Center Studies to determine future trajectories for defining specialization within interdisciplinary fields. She researches patterns within administrative and departmental structures in higher education, how professional identities that are articulated within the academy translate to those outside of it, and the ways in which specialization in various fields serves as a credential for certain kinds of administrative work.

Selfish Researchers, Neglectful Educators: Student Misconceptions of What We Do

By Jennifer Forsthoefel Here is an example of a popular meme depicting how different groups might understand the role of the professor. Friends may believe professors have summers off; parents may liken them to a school teacher; society may assume they show students movies to pass the time. Although I… Continue reading