Bob Wood Nominated for Author of the Year Award!

Congratulations to Bob Wood, whose recent poetry collection The Awkward Poses of Others launched him into nomination for the 50th Annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards!  In addition to actively publishing poetry and scholarship, Bob is a supportive and wise mentor for some Britts.  Well done, Bob!



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About Rebecca Weaver

Rebecca Weaver, _TechStyle_ chief editor for school year 2014-15, received her PhD from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from Hamline University. Her research is on discourses within poetry communities and institutions, especially in moments of conflict. Her teaching specialties are American Literature 1850-present (with a focus on poetry Contemporary American Poetry and Poetics and American Poetry 1850-present), Creative Writing, Service Learning, and Literature for Non-majors. Her composition / communication courses tend to focus on discourses of higher education and community. Her manuscript about the discourses and conflicts of poetry communities in the 1970s is under review. She is also working on two poetry chapbooks.
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