Benjamin Bergholtz
Benjamin Bergholtz is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he teaches multimodal composition courses on topics such as big books, 20th/21st century British literature, global Anglophone literature, and postcolonialism. His work appears in Contemporary Literature, Film International, and Mississippi Quarterly. His book-project, "Swallowing the World": Globalization and the Maximalist Novel, recently won the Distinguished Dissertation Award, the highest award conferred to graduates each year at Louisiana State University, where he received his PhD in 2018.

Supporting English Language Learning Students at Georgia Tech

This article is a collaboration, featuring Jeff Howard (who also compiled and edited this article), Dongho Cha, Hyeryung Hwang, Alok Amatya, and Ben Bergholtz. For more information on World Englishes at Georgia Tech, visit the World Englishes Committee website, World Englishes: Linguistic Variety, Global Society. Howard’s introductory Prezi on World… Continue reading

Mapping the Maximalist Novel: A Dialogue Between Students and Teachers

This article and interview are a collaboration between Dr. Benjamin Bergholtz and Dr. Alok Amatya, first-year Brittain Fellows in the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech, and FYC students Gabriel Wang, Harsimran Minhas, Simrill Smith, Justin Coleman, and Kartik Sarangmath. I didn’t think I would be able to to… Continue reading