Peter Fontaine
Peter Fontaine earned his Ph.D. in English, Creative Writing - Fiction from Georgia State University. He is currently teaching "Time Travel, Alternate History, and the Fiction of History" in English 1102, which is a multimodal course that looks at science fiction texts to better understand the ways in which various histories have shaped our contemporary identity and ways of thinking. He has recently published several book reviews with The Southeast Review and The Collagist, and is at work revising his book manuscript The Exchange.

D-Ped 10/24: Embedding Visual Rhetoric

On Wednesday, October 24th our seminar will be discussing visual rhetoric*: Drs. Barnes, Fontaine, and Ratiu will lead discussion contextualizing visual rhetoric theory from the required reading and lead an exercise to develop assignments and documents. Among our goals for the seminar is to explore the historical/contextual theory of visual… Continue reading