Tobias Wilson-Bates
Tobias Wilson-Bates examines novels as participating both conceptually and materially in the techno-cultural discourses that shaped the nineteenth century. At the center of his work is the concept of the "time machine," an idea he reads as emerging from the combination of narrative modes with assumptions of scientific and technological objectivity. His dissertation traces this idea from early-century thinkers like Mary Shelley and Charles Babbage to the mass implementation of standard time and universal education that made possible HG Wells's infamous machine. His work on temporality and mechanization is forthcoming in Victorian Studies (Spring 2015) and Dickens Studies Annual (Summer 2016).

The Office Hour: MetaPod

In this episode of the Office Hour, Tobias Wilson-Bates and Jonathan Shelley discuss their experiences of integrating podcasting inside and outside of the classroom. Has the revolutionary energy of podcasts dissipated with the influx of corporate projects like Mark Zuckerberg’s Tech & Society Podcast? Or do they still serve unique… Continue reading