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Translation and Transformation: International Modernism in the Classroom

In anticipation of Tuesday’s Reframing Multilingualism in the Classroom: A Poetic Celebration of Diversity (Tuesday, April 8, 11am-12pm, Stephen C. Hall Building 102), I’ve been thinking again about a fairly consistent topic in modernist studies: translation and the conversation surrounding the problems/promises that accompany it, such as the possibilities for transformation and deformation of the A-text.

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Welcome to TECHStyle - an online forum for digital pedagogy and research by the Brittain Fellows at Georgia Tech.
Who are we?
The Marion L. Brittain Post-Doctoral Fellows teach first-year composition and technical communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. In the classroom, Brittain Fellows use innovative digital pedagogy to teach multimodal communication skills. In their own research, the “Britts” work in diverse fields, from traditional literary studies to digital game studies to scientific discourse.  TECHStyle publishes contributions from all Brittain Fellows, past and present, as well as guest bloggers from all areas of academe.
What is TECHStyle?
TECHStyle is the hub of the Brittain Fellowship. Here you will find posts from Brittain Fellows on topics related to teaching, research, technology, and life in academics.  Posts range from scholarly articles in development to brief reflections on new teaching strategies.  TECHStyle is also a venue for debate on questions related to pedagogy and scholarship as well as a message board for news, announcements, committee reports, and calls for participation.  TECHStyle gives voice to a vibrant community of innovative scholars and teachers and opens up that conversation to the world.


Mock Interviews with Contemporary African American Writers

My “English 1102: African American Literature from the Harlem Renaissance to the Digital Present” students’ final assignment this term was a version of one that Anne Sexton gave in her “Anne on Anne” course at Colgate University in the spring of 1972. Sexton taught a class on her own poetry and her teaching notes for it are in

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reframing Reframing Multilingualism in the Classroom: A Poetic Celebration of Diversity

The World Englishes Committee invites you to a poetic celebration of diversity at Georgia Tech. Sponsored by Georgia Tech’s Writing and Communication Program, the event will feature international Georgia Tech students reading poetry from their home countries, both in the original language and in English, and conclude with a question and answer panel discussion of innovative teaching

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IMG_1871 Making Editing Multimodal

Like so many writing instructors, I frequently find myself frustrated with what appears to be a lack of attention to editing in the papers I receive from my students.  In the Fall 2013 semester, I tried something new in an effort to address this issue by inviting students to record themselves reading their drafts as

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Events & Activities

bauer Grace Bauer: Nowhere All At Once (And Everything Else)

You are invited to hear poet, scholar, and teacher Grace Bauer read from and discuss her newest collection, Nowhere All At Once. Grace Bauer, recipient of Academy of American Poets Prize and the Idaho Poetry Prize, was a 2009 nominee for the National Poets’ Prize. Ms. Bauer’s newest collections of poems include Nowhere All At Once (Stephen F. Austin

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Teachable Moments

MD Cover Expect to Be Disappointed? Moby-Dick and ENGL1102 (Part I)

The title for this post (the first of two) comes from a response I received to a brief writing exercise I assigned to a group of University of Rochester students in a previous semester’s writing class. I was considering the possibility of teaching Moby-Dick in a freshman writing class, and I wanted to get a

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Britt News

Christina Van Houten publishes in Politics and Culture

Read Christina Van Houten’s contribution to Materialist Feminisms Against Neoliberalism, a special edition of Politics and Culture. “bell hooks, Critical Regionalism, and the Politics of Ecological Returns”  addresses the ways in which bell hooks’ thinking turns to a politics of critical regionalism, by tracing a line that discursively connects materialist feminism, antiracist activism, and ecological Marxism… To

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Rebecca Burnett on the Brittain Fellowship and Social Justice: A New Podcast Episode!

We at TECHStyle are proud to present our third episode of the podcast, starring Dr. Rebecca Burnett, the director of the Writing and Communication Program in the School of  Literature, Media, and Communication and the Director of the Brittain post-doctoral program, both here at Georgia Tech. This episode is the first of a two-part series. 

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